Slimming Wraps

Biominceur, known as Bioslimming internationally, is a slimming wrap from France with endless benefits. It is not a pampering spa treatment but one of the most effective high-end body contouring treatments on the market.

Using a powerful professional-grade product (with a little help from a wrap in Biofilm), the results are instant and lasting. The perfect treatment for those who need to lose cm’s fast or simply focus on areas that no amount of exercise seems to improve.

The only wrap scientifically proven – in trials, 98% of women saw a significant

reduction of cellulite and 100% of women lost 1-4cm around their waist!

Results will be seen with every treatment, but for incredible results, 6-10 sessions is recommended over 4 weeks.

Why should you choose BIOMINCEUR?

  • Multi Award Winning : International Awards every year since 2015
  • Scientifically Proven: the only Slimming Wrap with science to back up its promises   
  • Reputable: Bioslimming has an incredible international reputation – even in Hollywood- and is only done by trained
  • professionals
  • Instant Results : See a dramatic difference with every wrap
  • Lasting: Results last indefinitely!    
  • Natural: No nasties! All natural ingredients such as essential oils and plant extracts.

What could you expect to gain from EVERY session?

  •  1-4cm loss per body area
  • Up to 47% improvement of celluliteo
  • Burning of excess fat
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Detoxing Process
  • Improved appearance of stretch marks
  • Softening and tightening of skin
  • Collagen Production
  • Reduction in appearance of varicose veins, thread or spider veins
  • Reduction in fluid retention, particularly lower legs 
  • Improved circulatio
  • 12 further hours of product benefits after treatment
  • 2 further hours of calorie continuing burning after treatment

Prices & Specials: Biominceur Slimming Wraps

TUMMY (Including back & love handles)

Size 34 – R500

Size 36 – R550

Size 38 – R600

Size 40 -R650

Size 42 – R700

BUM (Hips to below bum)

Size 34 – R250

Size 36- R275

Size 38 – R300

Size 40 – R325

Size 42 – R350

LEGS (Below bum to below knees)

Size 34 – R525

Size 36 – R575

Size 38 – R625

Size 40 – R675

Size 42 – R700

ARMS (Shoulder to Elbow)

Size 34 – R375

Size 36 – R400

Size 38 – R425

Size 40 – R450

Size 42 – R475

DOUBLE CHIN All Sizes – R275

All Sizes – R275


Size 34 – R425

Size 36 – R450

Size 38 – R475

Size 40 – R500

Size 42 – R525

1/2 BODY (Tummy to Bum)

Size 34 – R725

Size 36 – R800

Size 38 – R875

Size 40 – R950

Size 42 – R1000

3/4 BODY (Tummy, Bum and Legs)

Size 34 – R1200

Size 36 – R1325

Size 38 – R1450

Size 40 – R1575

Size 42 – R1675

Advance Purchase Packages are available: please contact us for a quote.



Can anyone do Biominceur?

Yes! Except for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Certain conditions may require written permission from a doctor prior to proceeding (such as cancer, chemotherapy, renal insufficiency, diabetes, cardio-vascular conditions (e.g. Thrombosis, phlebitis, hypertension, arteriosclerosis), stroke.

Who will Biominceur work best for?

If you are struggling with constant bloating or have digestive issues, cellulite, poor blood circulation, stubborn fat around the hips, stretch marks, water retention, restless legs, heavy legs, capillary redness, swollen calves and ankles, varicose and spider veins, post pregnancy stretch marks or sagging breasts – this treatment is ideal for you!

What can I expect to see after ONE session?

This treatment is powerful and promises results immediately. Reduction in fat, reduction in cellulite, reduction of 1-4cm per measured area in a single treatment, reduction in appetite and enhanced weight loss, it even continues to burn calories for 2 hours following treatment, slimming, firming and toning effect continues for 12 hours following treatment, appearance of spider veins, stretch marks and varicose veins will be improved

How long do the benefits last?

It has been scientifically proven that Biominceur dramatically decreases the appearance of fat deposits and cellulite in less than 4 weeks and results can be maintained indefinitely when you continue to follow a healthy eating and exercise regime

How many sessions will I need?

This will differ from individual to individual as entirely dependent on how much cellulite and fat is present, but for INCREDIBLE results, it is recommended to have between 6-10 treatments over 4 weeks for maximum impact. The closer the sessions, the better the benefits. Thereafter, monthly maintenance sessions is recommended to maintain results or to continue with the use of homecare products. The more you want to slim the more you use BIOMINCEUR!

How long does a session take?

Approximately an hour. The wrap is 30 minutes but we also do measurements and photos before and after too for you to see the results. You can lose weight in a lunchbreak!

What happens within the treatment?

Before measurements and photos will be taken. The treatment is a two-stage process which consists of two gels and one cream being vigorously massaged into the areas to be targeted. You will be wrapped lightly in Biofilm, then lie in a warm bed for 30 minutes to allow the products to get to work. The Biofilm is then removed. Stage two consists of a cooling slimming gel being vigorously massaged into the treated areas. Results are achieved due to the active ingredients contained within the products acting upon the tissues.The cooling gel (cold part) helps in the fight against cellulite and fat as it helps to further break down the fatty deposits and stimulates the lymphatic system helping to remove toxins. Lastly, we take photos again and measure the loss!

Is there any downtime after?

No. But we recommend not showering for at least 2-4 hours following the treatment (preferably not for 12 hours) as the products remains active for 12 hours. If you go for a workout following the treatment the slimming effect will be increased.